Book Tour: Ionshaker Desperate (Nuclear Terrorism) (Ionshaker series #1) by Felix Timothy Political Thriller Tour Dates: 10/9/13 – 10/23/13

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Virtual Book Tour: 10/9/13 – 10/23/13


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Trey’s wife, his wife’s shrink and his attorney are shot dead. His ex-girlfriend narrowly escapes death, gets admitted in ICU in critical condition, but mysteriously disappears from the hospital just a few hours after being admitted. The four of them are connected to Trey. 

Brett (the lead FBI detective) pursues Trey (now the sole murder suspect), finds himself framed for two new other murders, becomes a wanted man and starts running like Trey, after learning that its not Trey but Al Fakir (an Al Qaeda splinter group) that is killing anyone with the knowledge that Al Fakir has stolen Ionshaker (a cutting edge universal nuclear management device).

Al Fakir’s intention with Ionshaker are not very clear but it is obvious that the country that possesses Ionshaker possesses all world nuclear power on its finger tips because the device can control any nuke on earth. It is suspected that either Iran, Germany, China, Russia or Pakistan could be behind Ionshaker’s disappearance and in the event that Ionshaker actually leaves American soil, then the U.S automatically loses its dominance, security and stability. Worse still, if Al Fakir’s imagination is to detonate American nukes, then their best imagination will be Americas worst nightmare.

In response, the President sanctions a covert mission led by the only two people that can stop Al Fakir: Trey (an ex CIA) and Brett (now ex FBI) to repossess Ionshaker from Al Fakir before the device leaves the country. Before things get better, they will first get worse as people will die, scandals will be exposed, and America will be desperate. The mission is called Ionshaker Desperate.



Nuclear-Powered Thriller – “IONSHAKER DESPERATE by Timothy Felix is a tense thriller from the start. I really enjoyed this read and have to say that it’s a page-turner throughout with characters that effortlessly pull you deeper into the web of IONSHAKER. If you love a fast paced thriller then this is one to buy. Hats off to Timothy Felix! Can’t give too much away to potential readers… it wouldn’t be fair.”

Annie Frame, author of IMPRINT

Believable Thriller – “It is a well written book that made me want to see what happens next. The chemistry between the characters is unbelievable. There are multiple twists thrown in that I was not expecting, and with car chases, murder, and terrorism it just hit the ground running without stopping.” – Jessica Samuels, Reviewer.

Action-based thriller – “Felix Timothy’s novel ‘Ionshaker Desperate’ is a tense, accomplished, compelling and intelligent, action-based thriller. A book, which will have you reading into the night. A book hard to put down.

‘Ionshaker Desperate’ is an edge of the seat thriller with a plausible and clever plot that will work just as well as a film as it does as a book. If you want to read a novel, full of gritty intrigue, a book that leaps off the page into your imagination, then read Felix Timothy’s ‘Ionshaker Desperate.” – Ruth F. Hunt, Author of The Single Father.

A worthwhile thriller – “Brimming with memorable characters, thrilling action shots, theories, titles, murder and more, Ionshaker is a quick-paced, heart-thumping rollercoaster. Felix Timothy takes you on a ride from scene to scene, giving the reader glimpses to pull the clues from to determine who is responsible. If you enjoy reading mystery thrillers with a lot of chases, action and good detective work, give Ionshaker Desperate a try.”

- Wendy Hines, Reviewer.

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Two weeks before

Please,” she begged Hugo.

Those are the terms,” Hugo responded in a cold voice.

I’ll do anything except this,” she begged, tears in her eyes.

I believe we’ve got ourselves in a bit of a dilemma because I don’t want you to do anything except this.”

Please don’t kill him. He is totally harmless, I assure you. Come on Hugo, we can work something out.”

Hugo took a moment, then said, “Okay, we sure can. How about we fake your death and give you a new identity?”


From next week, you’ll be called Kemi Rolling, born and raised in Harlem, New York.”

Some seconds passed before she asked, “What about him, I can’t do that to him – I love him.”

If my recollection serves me right, we assigned you to keep an eye on him, not to love him, but instead what did you do? You married him.” Hugo chuckled then added, “Now, when you did that, you knew the risks, and you knew sooner or later this day would come. You say you love him? Read my lips – I don’t care – that’s your problem. All I care about and what you should care about is the device. Get me Ionshaker, then we can talk. But as of now, he’s collateral damage.”

I‘ve lived with him, he knows nothing.  He’s not a threat, I can assure you.”

He wasn’t, but now he is,” Hugo replied coldly.

Why now, he hasn’t done anything. What changed?”

Ironside and Ionshaker – that’s what. Just remember. If you love him the way you say you do, you’ll do exactly what I tell you and that’s final. Am I clear?”

She turned away from him, wiping her tears with the back of her hands, then asked after a moment, “When am I supposed to die – this fake death I mean?”

In two weeks.”

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 Hi, my name is Felix Timothy, and Ionshaker Desperate is first thriller. I began writing the first draft towards the end of 2008 after getting hooked to the story lines of the hit TV program 24. I always knew I could write but I never really got the courage to start writing until 2008, and now after many years, many re-writes and many reviews I am happy to have my story published. At the moment I am working on the sequel to Ionshaker Desperate in the Ionshaker series, its called Ionshaker Redemption and I hope to release it at the end of the year. In addition to writing novels I have also completed writing the screenplay for Ionshaker Desperate.

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