Which Virtual Book Tour Company is the Best?

Which Virtual Book Tour Company is the Best?

Besides writing your book and getting it published, book promotion is the next most important thing you will need to do! There are a ton of options when it comes to virtual book tours. We’d like to talk about our services!

Every tour company has their own set of “benefits” to touring with them. Many authors try out several services, and then pick the ones that work best for them. What’s important is finding a place that is going to work hard at getting your book out there. This is something we take VERY seriously! Additionally, there is nothing wrong with setting up tours with different touring companies…. Even at the same time!

At Fire and Ice Book Tours, we want to get your book out there as soon as possible! We pride ourselves on offering very fast scheduling for your promotions. We know it’s hard to wait two or three months to get your book out there, and we want to give you fast results.

Another thing we take seriously is media promotion! You can count on us actively promoting your tour during your entire tour… On Twitter, Facebook, Google, Goodreads, and more! You can feel confident that the word is being spread…. Both short and long-term.

Indie and self-published authors are welcome. We hope that you will give us the chance, and purchase a package to see what we have to offer your book! We can’t tell you if we’re the best virtual book touring company or not, but we can promise you we put 110% effort into marketing and promoting your book!

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