How To Be a Good Author on a Virtual Book Tour

How To Be a Good Author on a Virtual Book Tour

Going on a virtual book tour can be a whole lot of fun for the author! I’ve seen some authors really get some great sales from these! On a virtual book tour, your interaction matters!

I’ve put together some tips below to consider when you go on tour with us here at Fire and Ice Book Tours. These will help your book tour to go smoothly, increase your book sales, and give you the best possible experience!

  • Be ready to send your book info… Quickly!:-) Our goal here is to really be helpful to authors. We want you to have the best tour experience possible! We don’t want you to have to wait months to get busy promoting your book. We try to get these scheduled as soon as possible, often within a few weeks. After you contact us to set up a tour, you will get an invoice through your email. Please pay these as soon as possible and send your information in so we can create your media kit and get you scheduled!
  • Please check your email often!
  • Please share your tour banner on your website. You never know what visitors are checking out your book. Seeing the book tour could possibly be the catalyst they need to get really intrigued with getting a copy of it!
  • Consider having a giveaway! Giveaways with gift cards seem to generate the most excitement… And word of mouth. You can make it a package, with a copy of your book, a gift card, and even a gift itself! It depends on you, and what you’d like to offer. Bigger really is better, though! Giveaways are definitely recommended with your tour. Many virtual book tours are making this a requirement. We haven’t, yet!
  • Consider offering a promotion during your tour. We don’t recommend going free. A lot of authors will drop the price of their books down to $.99. Even if you don’t do this the entire tour, the first day of the tour is a great time! It takes Amazon awhile to drop the price. Make sure to do this the day before the tour starts.
  • During the tour, share the tweets, Facebook posts, etc on your personal social media outlets! Ask your friends and family to share or retweet.
  • Make sure to stop by the feature and thank the blogger! It’s just good manners:-)
  • Check the posts fairly often. If a reader posts a comment, you want to make sure to acknowledge them and respond.
  • Make sure to send in your Twitter Links, Goodreads, Facebook, etc so it can all be added to your media kit!
  • Please understand that we start tours fast.  Tours stops are often added, even if the tour has already started. We will continue to add stops all the way through, should a blogger express interest in participating and if there is space. Make sure to see the minimum stops listed under each tour package on the book tour package page. Because we start tours fast, your schedule might not be filled completely on the start day. We do promise that you will have at least the minimum number of stops listed for your tour (based on the package you chose at sign up) by the end date, though.
  • Tours are scheduled off of USA times and dates. Please keep that in mind:-)
  • Per our book tour page, reviews ARE NOT guaranteed with our book tours. This is based off of blogger participation only.
  • After the tour is done, we appreciate your word of mouth referral! We appreciate any and all of the authors that choose to tour with us, and we will do our absolute best to promote your book and get you new readers!

A book tour should be fun for the author! We hope you find these tips helpful when it comes to your book tour. Feel free to share your comments below.

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